The HitFilm workflow

The HitFilm workflow

HitFilm is unique video software in that it combines the disciplines of editing and compositing into a single product. It's a new kind of workflow that makes you more productive and saves you money which can be spent on other equipment.

Editor sequence & composite shots

HitFilm has two types of timeline: the Editor sequence and composite shots. Knowing which one to use is crucial to having an efficient workflow.

Editor sequence

editor sequence intro

The Editor sequence is a track-based timeline. You can add multiple assets from your Media panel to a track to build up a sequence of clips. This forms the main edit of your project. On the Editor sequence you can add simple transitions and effects and adjust clip opacity and audio volume.

Composite shots

composite shot intro

If you want to create complex visual effects you should create Composite shots. These are layer-based timelines where each media asset has its own dedicated layer. Composite shots give you full animation control and layers can be 2D or 3D.

One interface, multiple timelines

The Editor sequence provides a traditional NLE environment where you arrange media clips on a track-based timeline. All the essential editing tools are provided.

At any point while editing, you can select a clip and convert it to a composite shot. This only requires a couple of clicks and is an instant process. There's no need to export video or switch to different software.

You can tab between your Editor sequence and composite shots at any point. When you've finished a composite shot you can drop it straight onto your Editor sequence, without needing to render it to a new video file.

Working with other software

Although HitFilm is designed to provide you with a huge array of tools you may at times want to use it alongside other software.

Using a different NLE

HitFilm can also be used with other editing software. If you are using HitFilm only for visual effects purposes you can create composite shots without needing to use the Editor sequence. When you've completed a shot you will need to export it to a new video file that can be used in your preferred NLE.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 includes enhanced integration, enabling HitFilm 2 Ultimate projects to be used directly on the Vegas timeline. For more information see the Sony Vegas Pro 12 integration chapter.

3D camera tracking

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate includes a special integrated version of mocha designed for 3D camera solving. mocha HitFilm can be launched from the New menu in the Media panel.

HitFilm also imports the .ma camera tracking format, which is supported by all major camera tracking software included Boujou, Syntheyes and PFhoe. More information on importing camera tracking data can be found in the Importing files chapter.

3D models

New to HitFilm 2 Ultimate is the ability to import actual 3D models. These can then be animated inside HitFilm in full 3D. For many projects this provides a high quality, rapid workflow for working with 3D geometry.

Whether you're a beginner using stock 3D models or an experienced modeler using HitFilm to test quick composites, you'll find that HitFilm 2 Ultimate's 3D capabilities open up a whole new range of creative options.

RECAP HitFilm is designed to provide you with editing, visual effects, compositing and 3D tools within a single application.