Text panel

Text panel

text panel

The Text panel is used for editing the appearance of your Text layers.

To use the text panel you must first select a text layer on your timeline, or create a new text layer, and have the Text tool selected.

Changes you make in the Text panel will affect any text that is selected in the Viewer and any new text you type.


The character properties are as follows:

Font name - all the compatible fonts available on your computer.
Font weight - choose from different font weights available for your chosen font.
Size - font size.
Line spacing - spacing between each line of text.
Character spacing - spacing between each individual character.
Outline size - width of the text outline. At 0px no outline will be visible.
Color - font color.
Outline color - color of the outline, which will only be visible if the Outline size is greater than 0px.


The selected text can be set to left aligned, centered or right aligned.

RECAP Text properties are always controlled in the Text panel, not the Controls panel.