Slip edit tool

Slip edit tool

Slip edits are useful for adjusting the in and out points of a clip without affecting its length or position on the timeline.

When the slip edit tool is selected on the Editor sequence timeline you can click and drag on any clip to perform a slip edit.

Slip edit Viewer

The Viewer changes to show useful information during the slip edit:

slip edit viewer

The top left and top right videos show the adjacent frames before and after the selected clip. These do not move during the slip edit, as the slip edit does not affect other clips.

The larger, lower videos show the in and out points for the selected clip. As you drag with the slip edit tool, the clip's duration and position on the timeline remain unchanged but its in and out points are shifted.

The Viewer preview can be used to easily check continuity between shots.

Timecode information shows the relative slip edit change in the center and the new in and out points relative to the source media asset.

RECAP The slip edit tool is useful for making adjustments to an individual clip without affecting anything else on the timeline.