Slide edit tool

Slide edit tool

The Slide edit tool is used for quickly moving the position of a clip on the timeline relative to those before and after it.

The selected clip's duration and out point do not change. The previous clip's out point and the next clip's in point are adjusted automatically to accommodate the slid clip.

Slide edit timeline guides

The timeline shows a preview of the slid clip's new location.

slide edit timeline

In the above image the bright blue clip is being slid. The light blue overlay indicates where the clip is being slid, which is three frames to the right.

Slide edit Viewer

The Viewer updates with useful information during a slide edit:

slide edit viewer

The top two videos represent the start and end points of the selected clip. These do not change as the duration and in and out points of the selected clip do not change during a slide edit.

The bottom two videos represent the frames or the clips adjacent to the selected clip. As you slide the clip these update to show the new frames at the edit points.

RECAP The slide edit is a fast way to move a clip forwards or backwards in time without creating any empty space on the timeline.