Setting the work area

composite work area

The work area is represented by the blue bar running along the time ruler at the top of the layer view.

You can use the work area to specify a particular part of your composite shot to export, rather than exporting the entire timeline.

To set your composite shot work area, drag the grey tabs at the start and end of the blue work area bar. You can also press the I key or the O key on your keyboard to set the work area in and out points to your current playhead position, or use the In and Out buttons on the Viewer.

The P key can be used to quickly set the work area to the contents of your timeline.

Exporting the work area

To export your selected work area, click either the Export button at the top of the composite shot timeline, or switch to the Export screen.

On the Export screen the Timeline menu can be used to select the correct composite shot for rendering. The Export Area menu should be set to Work Area. Only your chosen work area will be exported.

For information on the rest of the export settings, take a look at the Export section.

RECAP The work area is useful for exporting a specific section of your composite shot, rather than the entire timeline.