Select edit tool

Select edit tool

select tool

The Select tool is a multi-purpose tool that you can use for the majority of your standard editing.

Selecting clips

You can select single or multiple clips with the Select tool. Selected clips are highlighted in blue.

selected clip

Simply click a clip to select it. Selecting a different clip will deselect the first one.
Holding Ctrl while selecting clips enables you to select multiple clips.
You can also drag a selection box around multiple clips to select them all. By default the timeline will automatically scroll left and right while dragging a selection box. Holding Alt while dragging will also automatically scroll vertically through the video or audio tracks, depending where your mouse was positioned.

Moving clips

You can move any clip to a new location on the timeline by dragging it with the mouse.

If you move a clip to a location which is already occupied by other clips, an overlay edit will be used by default. The existing clips are sliced according to the moved clip's in and out points and the moved clip replaces that section on the timeline. This means that the positions of other clips on your timeline are not affected.

By holding the Alt key you can instead perform an insert edit. The moved clip slices the existing clips at the in point, then moves all the affected clips to the right to make room.

Automatically creating new tracks

You can automatically create a new track when moving a clip by dropping it onto the blank area above or below the numbered video and audio tracks. This will create a new track and place the clip onto it.

Trimming clips

The Select tool is also used for simple trim edits, when you want to change a clip's in or out point.

When you move your mouse over the start or end of a clip it will change to the trim pointer. You can then drag with the mouse to change the in or out point.

As you change a clip's in or out point the surrounding clips will not be affected.

The Viewer will show a preview of the currently trimmed frame.

There needs to be enough room to make your trim edit. You can't move a clip's in or out point past the in or out point of another clip.

You can't trim a clip to be longer than its source media asset.

RECAP The Select tool is the most commonly used editing tool, enabling you to select, move and trim clips.