Ripple edit tool

Ripple edit tool

The Ripple edit tool is used to trim the in or out point of a single clip, while adjusting the timeline to ensure no gaps or overlaps are created. Therefore the edit 'ripples' down through the timeline.

After a ripple edit, all clips (including the selected clip, in the case of ripple editing its in point) to the right are shifted in time automatically.

This is a good way to ensure that your timeline does not have any unwanted or accidental empty space between clips.

Ripple edit Viewer

The Viewer updates with useful information during a ripple edit:

ripple edit viewer

When adjusting the in point of a clip with the ripple edit tool, the selected clip will be shown on the right side of the Viewer. The adjacent clip to the left is shown on the left side.

When adjusting the out point of a clip the videos in the Viewer are reversed, with the selected clip on the left and the adjacent clip on the right.

During a ripple edit the selected clip will update in the Viewer to show the current edit point.

Ripple delete

You can also ripple delete clips or gaps. When a clip or gap is ripple deleted, all affected objects to its right are moved to close the gap.

Any clip can be ripple deleted by right clicking it and selecting Ripple delete from its menu.

Empty spaces on the timeline between clips can also be ripple deleted.

A ripple delete might not always fully close a gap, if there are obstructions on the timeline.

RECAP Ripple edit and ripple delete are quick ways to trim or delete a clip without having to adjust surrounding clips separately.