Publishing to YouTube

Publishing to YouTube

HitFilm can upload your movies to YouTube automatically. This is the quickest way to get a high quality version of your work onto the internet and in front of an audience.

To upload to YouTube switch to the Export screen and choose the YouTube option.

HitFilm uploads your movie to a channel of your choice. It is not added to the HitFilm or FXhome channels.

Note that you must link your YouTube and Google accounts before HitFilm will be able to authenticate and upload videos to your channel.

The YouTube options will be familiar if you have used's standard uploader before.

Account - your YouTube account name. This is sent securely to YouTube and is needed to upload your video directly to your channel.
Password - your YouTube password. This is sent securely to YouTube and is needed to upload your video directly to your channel.
Remember password - when checked, HitFilm will remember your login details.
Title - choose a name for your video.
Timeline - choose which timeline in your project you want to export.
Export area - you can export either the entire timeline, the part of the timeline containing actual content, or only the area specified by your work area's in and out points.
Scale mode - if your timeline is in a different aspect ratio to YouTube's video standards, this will determine how it is adjusted to fit. Center retains the original size of your timeline, Ignore aspect ratio stretches the video to fill the frame, Keep aspect ratio resizes the video and uses letterboxing to retain the aspect ratio and Keep aspect ratio by expanding resizes the video until there is no letterboxing required (this option may crop your video). If your video is already the correct resolution this option will be disabled.
Length - the duration of your video.
Description - this description will be displayed on the video's YouTube page.
Category - choose from YouTube's default categories.
Tags - choose tags which describe the video's contents, separated by commas.
Resolution - choose between Standard and High definition. Unless you have a very slow internet connection we would recommend using High definition.

The high definition option will be unavailable if your timeline dimensions are below 720p.

We do not store your YouTube login. It is sent straight to YouTube using Google's secure servers.

Make this video private - when selected your video will be set to private. You will then need to login to to give access to specific users.

Broadcast to the HitFilm Channel

If you activate this option your movie will be automatically added to the Movie Wall, where it can be easily seen by the entire HitFilm community.

Showing your movie on the Movie Wall is entirely free. You retain full ownership of your work.

This option is unavailable if you have chosen to make your video private.