Previewing and trimming

Previewing and trimming


Before you start using media on your editor sequence or in composite shots you may want to preview or trim it down from its full length.

The combined previewer-trimmer is found at the top of the Media panel.


The previewer can be used to watch your videos and see your images without needing to place them on a timeline. This can be particularly useful if you have lots of media with similar filenames, or which have similar thumbnails.

Clicking any video, image or audio asset in the Project Media list will load it into the previewer.

The play/pause button and the horizontal blue scrubber are used for previewing. You can jump to any point in a video or audio asset using the scrubber, with the white marker representing the currently displayed frame.


On either side of the previewer are vertical blue handles which represent the in and out trim points for the asset. These define the trim area for the selected media asset.

The trim area is used when media is added to the editor sequence or composite shots to specify how much of the original file is used. The Media panel trimmer can be used to create a shorter clip or layer from a longer media asset.

By default these are at the start and end of the media asset but you can drag them to any point in the video to define a new trim area. While dragging the in or out trim point the previewer will display the selected in or out frame and information about the trim area.

Using the right mouse button or holding the Ctrl key while dragging the in or out points will move them by single frame increments, enabling frame-accurate trimming even with longer media assets.

Your trim points will be remembered even after selecting other media.

To add a trimmed media asset to a timeline you need to drag it onto the timeline from the trimmer itself. If you drag the media asset from the Project Media list the entire duration will be used.

Changing the trim points in the previewer will not affect clips or layers that have already been placed on your timelines.

RECAP The previewer can be used to check the content of media and you can use trimming to control which part of a media asset is used on the timeline.