Preview rendering

Preview rendering

Real time playback of composite shot timelines is not always possible and depends on several factors:

The specification of your computer.
The number of layers and effects in the composite shot.
The type and complexity of effects. For example, an intense particle simulation will take longer to render than a simple color correction effect. Also, some video and image types can take longer to process than others.

If your computer is not achieving real time playback you can use the preview rendering system to get an accurate preview of a section of the timeline.

Activating preview rendering


To preview render a section, first position the playhead at the start of the section you wish to preview. Then click the blue preview render button that can be found on the bottom-right of the Viewer.

HitFilm will preview render from the playhead forwards until it has used up all of its allocated memory, or until it reaches the end of the timeline.

The Viewer scrubber will change color to indicate which frames have been preview rendered. This section can then be played back in real time using the standard playback controls.

Clicking the preview render button again will start a new preview render. It will not playback the current previewed region.

Making any changes to the timeline will clear the preview rendered frames.

You can change the amount of allocated memory available to the preview render system in Options.