Media panel

Media panel

The Media panel is where you'll find all your video, image and audio files plus assets such as planes and composite shots.

media panel

When you import files or create new assets they are stored here so that you can locate them easily. The Media panel also contains the Trimmer, which is used to preview and select specific parts of your media before placing it on the timeline.

Types of media

It's important to understand exactly what is and is not shown in the Media panel.

There are three types of media:

Files - these are created externally to the HitFilm application and are imported to the Media panel. Files can be video, images or audio. HitFilm 2 Ultimate can also Import 3D models.
Composite shots - each composite shot you create is listed in the Media panel.
Planes - these are flat, colored, rectangular shapes that you can create inside HitFilm.

Collectively these are referred to as media or media assets.

How media works

If you're new to editing video on a computer there are a few key concepts that are worth mentioning.


Editing on a computer is described as 'non-linear' because of the ability to access any frame at any time. This is unique to editing digitally, as older editing methods required you to progress back and forth through the media to find a specific frame.

For example, on old tape-to-tape editing you would need to fast forward through an entire tape to get to the end. With digital editing you can jump straight there and back again in an instant.


Decisions you make while using HitFilm never affect your source files. If you trim a clip or delete it from a timeline the original file is still exactly where it was on your hard disk, in its original state.

Combined with HitFilm's multi-step undo system, this means that you can experiment and take risks as much as you like without having to worry about damaging your source material or encountering an unfixable problem.

Multiple use

Anything that is in the Media panel can be used as many times as you want in your project. It can be used in different timelines and can be edited in a different way each time.

For example, if you want to use a red background for your opening titles you only need to create a single red plane in the Media panel. This can then be used whenever a title appears in the movie - there's no need to create several identical red planes for each title. A video or image can be re-used in the same manner.

If you remove a media asset from the Media panel, all instances of it will be removed from your timelines as well. You will be warned before this happens, and can always undo it.

RECAP HitFilm includes all the benefits of a digital editing workflow, which means you can innovate and experiment as much as you like.