Managing composite shots

Managing composite shots

multiple timelines

Your composite shots are listed in the Media panel along with your videos and other media.

This means that you can work with composite shots in the same way you would any other media asset. See Using composite shots as media for more information.

For information on using the Media panel to find and use media, read the Media panel section.

When you create a new composite shot it automatically opens, ready for editing. Each composite shot has its own dedicated timeline and the viewer will also update to show the contents of your currently selected timeline.

Opening composite shots

If you want to work on a composite shot that isn't already open you have two options:

1.Find the composite shot in your Media panel and double-click it to open its timeline.
2.Find the composite shot on your Editor sequence or in another composite shot and double-click its clip or layer to open its timeline.

It's possible to have composite shots listed in your Media panel which aren't used in the project or open.

Switching timelines

timeline tabs

Depending on the nature of your project, you could be using multiple composite shots plus your Editor sequence. Each of these has its own timeline and the viewer updates based on your currently active timeline.

You can switch between any open composite shots and your Editor sequence by clicking the timeline tabs.

Switching timeline will update the viewer to show the contents of the currently selected timeline.

Closing composite shots

If you have a lot of composite shots, or if you've finished working on one, you might not want it displayed as one of the timeline tabs.

In this case you can close any composite shot timeline by clicking the X icon to the right of its name tab.

Closing a tab does not lose any of its contents. The composite shot is still available in the Media panel and on any other timelines where you've used it. You can always re-open it at any time to continue working on it.

RECAP All composite shots are listed in the Media panel. They can be used like other Media assets, or they can be opened on their own timelines for editing.