Interface basics

Interface basics

understanding interface

HitFilm is split into five separate screens, each providing a specific set of features. You can switch between these different screens at any time while working on a project using the large buttons at the top of the window.

The specific contents of each of the screens are examined in subsequent chapters.

Home - quick access to your projects and keeps you connected to the community.
Project - adjust your project settings whenever you want.
Edit & Effects - this is where most of HitFilm's features are found and where your creativity comes into play.
Export - HitFilm can export your project to a variety of destinations, including directly to YouTube.
Help - a helping hand is never further than a click away.

Common to all of the screens are the navigation bar, found at the top, and the notification bar, found at the bottom. These are examined in detail in the next two chapters.

The Edit & Effects screen can be customized to suit your editing style. For information on this check out the Customizing the interface chapter.

RECAP HitFilm's different features are organised into 5 screens which can be moved between using the buttons at the top of the interface.