Installation & activation

Installation & activation

The latest versions of HitFilm 2 Express and HitFilm 2 Ultimate can always be downloaded from

Demo mode

After installation HitFilm will run in demo mode. You can try out all the features but you are restricted to a 30 second export to YouTube. If you'd like to purchase the full version head over to


If you have purchased HitFilm you can activate it immediately to use all of its features.

When you start the software choose Activate from the demo window.

Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your software. If it's the first time you have activated the software your serial code will be registered to an account at

Installing on another computer

The HitFilm 2 Express license provides a single activation at a time and the HitFilm 2 Ultimate license allows three concurrent activations.

If you exceed your number of activations your original installation will be deactivated and return to demo mode.

You can transfer to a new machine and reinstall as many times as you want, so there's no need to worry about losing your purchased software.