Customizing the workspace

Customizing the workspace

customized interface

The Edit & Effects screen is unique in that you can fully customize it to suit your own style of working, as you can see from the example above.

Different tasks can benefit from different workspaces. A selection of workspaces are provided and you can also create your own.

Before reading this chapter we suggest you check out Finding your way around so that you are familiar with HitFilm's default interface layout.

Changing workspace

HitFilm is provided with multiple workspaces. You can switch between workspaces using the Workspace menu on the Navigation bar.The workspaces prioritize different layouts to suit particular tasks and you can switch between them at any time.

Creating new workspaces

You can save the current interface layout as a new workspace.

Clicking the Create button displays a window where you can specify a name for the new workspace. It will then be available in the workspace list.

For help on designing your own workspaces, see Designing your own workspace.

Deleting workspaces

Clicking the Delete button displays a window where you can choose a workspace to delete.

You cannot undo the deletion of a workspace!

Turning panels on and off

Some panels can be turned on and off using the Workspace menu. If you're not using a particular panel and want to free up some space on your screen you can turn it off - this can be particularly useful if you're working on a low resolution monitor.

Some panels cannot be turned off.

RECAP Workspaces give you quick access to different interface layouts.