Color grading effects are for giving your project a unique visual style.

See also Color correction.

Bleach bypass

Simulates the harsh, high contrast look of bleach bypass film processing. Often used for war movies.

bleach bypass

Cine style

Using an s-curve shift, cine style creates a cinematic, Hollywood-style look. It is a fast method for achieving a professional, high quality finish. While it offers a rapid grade, it still provides controls for fine tuning the appearance.



Cine style includes built-in grain, vignette and letterboxing features. These can be turned on or off depending on the desired look.

The s-curve property adjusts the contrast, while the color adjustment properties determine the effect of the color shift. The defaults push towards the orange-and-teal palette popular in Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking.

Color map

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

The color map effect can be used to apply a color range from one layer to another layer. This is most commonly used with a color gradient.

In the following example this color gradient is used:

color map gradient

The image below shows the result of using the color map effect with the color gradient above.

The top image is the original, ungraded shot. The middle image shows the full effect of the color map, with the original colors mapped to the new blue gradient. The bottom image shows the color mapped version blended back onto the original to create an appealing color grade.

color map example

In the color map properties you first need to select the color map source. This can be any other layer on your timeline.

The X axis and Y axis property groups define how the color map source is mapped onto the layer.

In the above example, using the luminance channel for the X axis results in the gradient's colors being sampled from right to left, starting with the brightest end of the gradient. The Y axis in this case has no effect as the colors in the gradient are uniform from top to bottom.

Day for night

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

A quick way to convert a shot filmed in the day to having the appearance of being filmed at night.

Applies a gradient based on the Horizon property, with separate controls for the near and far areas.

Day for night

Hue colorize

Applies a new hue to the layer,.

hue colorize

Hue shift

Moves the entire color spectrum of the layer through different hues.

hue shift


Inverts the colors.


Shadows & highlights

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

Provides fine control over the contrast and sharpness of a layer.

Shadows highlights

Three strip color

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

Simulates the three strip color film process commonly used in the early days of color film, resulting in richer, deeper colors.

3 strip


Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

Adds pop to your image, emphasizing edge detail by increasing local contrast.



Adds a soft colored edge to the layer. You can customize the color and shape of the vignette.