A note for Mac users

This manual uses screenshots and terminology from the Windows version. Mac users should be aware of some minor interface and functionality differences, as outlined below.

Navigation bar menus

The navigation bar menus (File and Workspaces) can be found in the standard Mac menu bar at the top of the screen.

Import formats

Core supported import formats include:

Apple ProRes 4444, 422
H.264, H.263
PNG encoded MOV, 32-bit and 24-bit

Note that the Windows .AVI format is not supported in the Mac version.

Export formats

Additional supported export formats include:

.MOV Quicktime: uncompressed (24-bit and 32-bit), AVC/H.264, Apple Pro Res 422, Apple Pro Res 4444 (24-bit & 32-bit) & Photo-JPEG.

Note that the Windows .AVI format is not supported in the Mac version.

Keyboard shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts use the standard Apple CMD key instead of the Windows Ctrl key.


HitFilm 2 Ultimate accesses all fonts on a Mac computer. On Windows only the ANSI character set is available.

3D model import library

The Mac version may detect additional groups when importing 3D models.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 integration

Vegas Pro 12 integration is not included with HitFilm 2 Ultimate on Mac, as Vegas Pro 12 is not available on Mac.

However, HitFilm projects created in HitFilm 2 Ultimate on Mac will still open in Vegas on a Windows PC in the majority of cases.