Sony Vegas Pro 12 integration

Sony Vegas Pro 12 integration

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

If Sony Vegas Pro 12 is detected during installation, HitFilm will automatically install a plug-in enabling Vegas to use HitFilm projects on the Vegas timeline.

If Sony Vegas Pro 12 is installed after HitFilm, the plug-in will not be installed correctly. Both products should be reinstalled, with Vegas installed first.

Integrated workflow

Any clip on the Vegas timeline can be sent directly to HitFilm.

To do this, right click a clip on the Vegas timeline and choose Add HitFilm Effect.

The clip will be converted to a HitFilm project file on the Vegas timeline, HitFilm 2 Ultimate will automatically start and the project file will be loaded with the video clip ready to go on the Editor sequence timeline.

Your original media file is unaffected by the conversion.

Importing HitFilm project files

HitFilm project files can be imported to Vegas like any other video or media asset. They can then be previewed and edited without needing to first be rendered.

Performance of HitFilm project files in Vegas will be similar to performance inside HitFilm itself. Therefore intensive projects may not playback in real time.

Live updating a HitFilm project

When editing a HitFilm project which is also present on the Vegas timeline, saving the project in HitFilm will automatically update the clip on the Vegas timeline.

This enables rapid iteration of a project between the two applications without requiring repeated export and rendering.

For more information on editing with Sony Vegas Pro 12, please consult the Vegas documentation.