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Royalty free background images for green screen photos included with PhotoKey 5

Posted by Simon K Jones on April 5, 2012

PhotoKey 5 royalty free backgrounds

Every version of PhotoKey 5 includes a selection of royalty free background images that you can use in your green screen photo composites. The images are high resolution and feature a wide range of themes and styles.

PhotoKey 5 includes 25 backgrounds, PhotoKey 5 Pro comes with 50 backgrounds and the giant PhotoKey 5 Pro Studio includes a super-sized collection of over 1500 backgrounds and overlays.

You can of course still use any image for your background, of your own creation or from other stock libraries.

PhotoKey 5 will be released 19 April.

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Posted: June 8, 2012-2:35 am

I do I access the free background and overlay for my Photokey 5 pro studio??


Posted: June 8, 2012-2:36 am

How do I access the free background and overlay for my Photokey 5 pro studio??

Simon K Jones

Posted: June 8, 2012-8:22 am

The background images are provided on disc as part of the PhotoKey 5 Pro Studio. You can get the images from that disc or copy them to your computer.


Posted: December 1, 2012-3:24 am

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more confusing website in my life! You cannot find basic things like what backgrounds are available, or anything about anything, other than upgrading. Everything on this website points to upgrading! Why upgrade when I can’t find out what backgrounds are available, nor finding a library of wanted backgrounds. I did find the Thanksgiving backgrounds for $300, but it didn’t tell how many images or what’s included! I refuse to buy a pig in a polk… in other words, I won’t buy something in that I don’t know what’s in it.


Posted: December 3, 2012-9:31 am

Hi Dilloman. I’m sorry that you’re finding the website confusing.

We don’t actually sell backgrounds, which could be the source of the confusion. We are a software manufacturer. Our photo software is called PhotoKey and comes in two flavours, standard and Pro. You can find out about them here:


A selection of backgrounds are included with PhotoKey to get you started, and you can use any other images you want, either of your own creation or from any stock library.

We also produce video software called HitFilm, which you can find out about here:


I hope this clarifies matters.


Posted: February 17, 2013-6:15 pm

hi i want to use green screen in crocodile farm and bird park kindly send me the detail thanks. tony


Posted: February 20, 2014-10:21 pm

Hello, I have downloaded the light version and there are no sample backgrounds with it to try! I have downloaded some of my own but there is no way I can stretch them to make them fit they just come up as small boxes in the centre of the picture behind the main image! Any advice please?

Simon K Jones

Posted: February 24, 2014-9:11 am

Hi Julie – the reason the background images are coming up small is that they’re lower resolution than your canvas. You can resize them in the Position controls, but the best thing to do is find some high resolution images to use.


Posted: July 21, 2014-6:20 am


  • FXhomer239812

    Posted: December 3, 2014-7:07 pm

    I purchased the PhotoKey 6 Pro and am having difficulty. When I upload a background, it looks ok in the display window, but on the actual screen with the front image, all the colors are distorted and really messed up. On other occasions when trying to upload different backgrounds, the program “Quits Unexpectedly”. Very frustrating. Please help me if you can. My email is cp4258@netscape.net. I have been in the middle of huge project and feel quite frustrated. Do I need to download the program all over again. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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