1. Ignite Pro Updates

    1. Version 2.1


      New in Ignite Pro Version 2.1

      • High-DPI support added to the EDIUS version of the plugins. (PC)
    2. Version 2.0


      New in Ignite Pro Version 2.0

      • 360 Animated Lasers: With this effect, animated lasers can now be place into 360° footage.
      • 360 Blur: Allows you to add Blur effects to 360° video.
      • 360 Bulge: Creates the illusion of a bulging shape pushing through the layer in a 360° video.
      • 360 Channel Blur: Blurs channels individually within a 360° video. Useful for creating the impression of chromatic aberration.
      • 360 Fisheye Converter: Turns 360° fisheye view footage into a format that can be displayed as a regular 360° video.
      • 360 Fractal Noise: Generates a range of textures using procedural methods in 360° video.
      • 360 Glow: Adds a glowing aura to bright areas of the layer within a 360° video. Per Channel Intensity properties enable you to shift the glow color.
      • 360 Glow Darks: Functions in a similar way to a standard glow but affects dark areas rather than light areas in 360° video.
      • 360 Lightsword (2-point Auto): Provides a rapid method of applying lightsword effects to your 360° film requiring the placing of a point on the hilt and a point on the blade tip.
      • 360 Lightsword (4-point Manual): Allows you to implement lightsword effects into 360° film with precise positioning, with two points defining the edges of the hilt and two points defining the edges of the blade tip.
      • 360 Lightsword (Glow Only): Applies the lightsword effect's custom glow behavior to any 360° video layer, without providing an interface for easy lightsword generation.
      • 360 Magnify: Zooms in on a specific area of the 360° video layer. The shape, size and position of the magnification can all be changed.
      • 360 Neon Path: Just add the neon effect to text and shape layers of the 360° video to create life-like neon sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements.
      • 360 Text: Apply advanced, customizable text to your 360° footage.
      • 360 Twirl: Twists the 360° video layer around the effect's center point.
      • 360 Unsharpen: Used to highlight the detail within a 360° video.
      • 360 Video Transform: On 360° video, this can be applied to adjust the position of the video layer without losing its wrap-around appearance.
      • 360 Viewer: Apply this effect to a 360° video layer to wrap the layer onto a spherical shape for viewing.
      • Block Displacement: Splits the video into a grid of blocks and then allows you to swop them around or randomise them.
      • Puppet: Use the Puppet tool to quickly add natural motion to raster images and vector graphics, including still images, shapes, and text characters.
      • Clone: The clone stamp is useful for duplicating or removing specific parts of a layer.
      • Text: Apply advanced, customizable text to your footage.
      • Dot Matrix: Similar to the half tone effect, Dot Matrix creates a look similar to a black and white newspaper print but dots are based on a grid of squares.
      • Pixel Sort: Sorts the pixels in the video based on brightness. This can be used to create some amazingly stylized effects as seen in a number of popular films including Ghost in the Shell.
  2. Ignite Pro 2017 Updates

    1. Update 2


      New in Ignite Pro 2017 Update 2

      • New plugin presets for several effects including Channel Blur, Channel Mixer, Channel Time Shift, Exposure and Fractal Noise.
    2. Update 1


      New in Ignite Pro 2017 Update 1

      • All-new Wire Removal effect added to the software.
  3. HitFilm Ignite Updates

    1. Update 6

    2. Update 5


      New in HitFilm Ignite Update 5

      • Added support for the Creative Cloud 2015.3 update to Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.
    3. Update 4

    4. Update 3

    5. Update 2

    6. Update 1