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  • Thanks for the fix!
  • Please fix it!
  • If I recall correctly, you should be able to save your project in Demo mode and open it in the full version and continue where you left of.
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiii
    in Introduction Comment by CNK May 15
  • Some camera shake might look good in this shot
  • I don't think Express 4 and 2017 have the same requirements, because things have been added to 2017 that were previously unavailable in Express 4. Anyways, for that I would contact support, because that sounds rather annoying to be honest.
  •  Agree with that A button which says "OPEN" or "EXPAND" on the comp would be nice to see
  • This community is super supportive. The staff is amazing and not robots. The mod's are not power abusers on the forum, and it's an amazing piece of software that you will be getting entirely for free (while FXHome pays licensing fees). What more do…
  • @RichardFR while not super powerful, it's above minimum specs to run HitFilm 2017 Express. It's no longer possible to download HitFilm 4 Express if you don't already have it registered on your account.
  • That's impressive. To touch on @triem23 's comment a bit, here: It's not a big deal, it's a still frame of probably 3-5 seconds of video following. I really like wh…
  • Well, it's a HitFilm killer if it's got all the features you need in one place. I don't like HitFilm's color system, so I'm using DaVinci because I prefer the node system. Sure, you can get away with some stuff, but creating masks and really diggin…
  • Also, no CPU fan so any extended load will result in throttling / PC shut downs.
  • Hello, louis   Press & Hold Shift when placing your clip in the timeline, this makes all clips on the right jump to the right without cropping. Shift placing also works with multiple clips selected. If you would like to open up a gap without…
    in Ripple open a gap Comment by CNK April 5
  • Well, there's no set "horror" grade so to speak. It's more about what makes sense in your scenes environment and your storytelling. Generally, blue/greenish is your go to for horror, especially blue shadows.…
  • You had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Job well done!   
    in I made this Comment by CNK April 2
  • Cool, hope you're having a great time!
  • The 'newbies' are without a doubt the bigger market. Just the notion that amateurs have to start somewhere, VFX & NLE editing is hugely popular, and the fact that VFX is extremely expensive, just makes HitFilm stand out so much and ultimately ha…
  • I like these shots, but I would really have preferred to see a before and after, in order to really be able to appreciate the work that you put in.
  • I would really use Audition/Reaper/Audacity really any program dedicated to mixing audio, rather than what HitFilm offers. Sometimes it's a small timesaver, but if you're interested in learning how to get some of the things done in HitFilm, check o…
  • HitFilm didn't break your graphics card, the task put on your card might have due to bad solder, bad memory chips, power supply malfunction, whatever the problem may be, it was not HitFilm's fault. You can put as much load on a graphics card as you…
  • Without a doubt, the i7 7700HQ rig The former would thermal throttle to no end, because the U CPU's are run without a CPU fan, they are 'passive' CPU's meaning 100% load for extended periods (probably 2 minutes +) means that it won't be able to dis…
  • @triem23 You're not mistaken, but OP is talking about a laptop purchase which probably has soldered parts, as indicated by the i7 7700 HQ.
    in Nvidia 1050 GTX Comment by CNK March 3
  • You for sure want the 1060 (3 GB is fine, but 6 GB ideal) over the 1050, look at it as something that'll last for quite a while. Yes it's true that you might not *need* the more powerful card, but once you dig depper into VFX, you'll be glad that yo…
    in Nvidia 1050 GTX Comment by CNK March 1
  • Is there a specific reason why you're not using HitFilm Express 2017? Download, install & activation is a very straightforward process. Check out
  • @GodofThunder - I think that your thread deserves to have a title which represents it's content better. That was a good read, also, @triem23 , I wholeheartedly agree with you. I'm not at all in the VFX industry anymore, and I was never working on …
  • Hid everything, can't find a way. My guess is that it's an admin only feature for now
    in Forum help Comment by CNK December 2017
  • Doesn't TIFF support layers as well and is open?
  • Just dropping in to point out that an i3 is a perfectly good choice if you buy the 8000 series, because  i3 8100 = 4 cores 4 threads i5 8400 = 6 cores 6 threads " GTX 1070 8gb and the i3-8100 at a good price. With 8gb 2400mhz ram and 120gb ssd + …
  • "the fact that you need a shell to make it look like WIn7 speaks volumes for what a pain in the backside vanilla Win10 is" @Palacono - It's something I could get used to, but I chose not to. It's not necessarily a bad UI, just not efficient for my …
  •  And also because newer hardware don't work at all on a old OS like Windows 7 and 8, processors for example. At some point you'll be forced to upgrade due to compatibility issues if you value speed and performance. And I think that performance will…