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  • @tddavis Thank you! Yes, graffiti was added in post))
  • Because... It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare... https://vimeo.com/193127273
  • Thanks guys! I am glad that the film is not disappointed you too much.)) Triem23 Thank you, I did not notice it. Probably just did not expect. It is very cool!
  • Hello, everybody! Glad to finally show you all my new action short film. Nothing special, just a lot of shooting and fighting. Everything I love, yes. It was a simple project, but the shooting was hard (we didn't have a script and everything had to…
  • Well, it's good to be back!)) https://youtu.be/ciGd73Tjn3g
  • Especially for my friends on this forum I have made this vfx breakdown: https://vimeo.com/102943472 Meanwhile, the film has already gained almost 100,000 views! And was selected for the competitive program of one of the biggest Russian festival of s…
  • Jonesbros, thank you very much! Treim23, wow, it's very nice review! Thank you! I'm glad you did not regret that agreed to help me. I think that so many views because English subtitles enable to capture a worldwide audience. Without them the film wo…
  • TWENTY freaking THOUSAND views in two days! This is insane!
  • Simon, can I just hug you?
  • 11000 views per day! Wow. It's a hit!))
  • Triem23, yes, I still shooting with a Rebel t2i and this is first project where I use GoPro. Thanks for the help! It would be great if this film will be accepted by some festivals.
  • Triem 23, if line "And we aren't waiting to do it." more correct, I will fix it.))
  • KirstieT, thank you so much! 1) Well, perhaps there is something wrong. I'm not good at English to notice that. Sorry. 2) This shot on GoPro Hero 3. 3) It was the "Wilhelm Scream." It is used in every Hollywood film. Just a little easter egg.)) 4) T…
  • Here we go. Finally, I am proud to introduce to you my new short! This work took more than six months. This time the action is not so much, but it should be much more interesting. Thanks Triem 23 - there are English subtitles, and I hope you all enj…
  • What is the word count? About 300.
  • Happy to report that my next short film "Stalingrad" is almost done! But now I need some help. In the film has little phrases and dialogues, and they are in Russian, of course. Right now I'm doing English subtitles, but my English is far from perfe…
  • Does that mean he did the music for the 'First Class' marketing campaign in 2011? No, his music is not used in those commercials. He joined "ReallySlowMotion" just recently. But his music already played in the trailers and TV spots of Winter Soldie…
  • Nice! Is it stock, or did he compose it for the trailer? He writes music for the "ReallySlowMotion" library, which produces music for commercials and trailers. Also his music plays in the trailers for the second Captain America: http://www.youtube.…
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj_tWihO8LM Oooohohohohohohoho yes. Nice to know that the music in the first forty seconds of this trailer written by my friend and colleague.))
  • FlauchersFinest, thank you!))
  • Phil, I hope someday I'll have time for this!)) LucidFrame, next time we will try to do less mistakes. But I'm glad that you liked the movie overall! Thank you!
  • No problem - I can remember writing this and scratching my head for the word. I think I still got it wrong! I meant location - do you use the same location for each shoot or is there an amazing abundance of awesome looking run down buildings where …
  • KirstieT, thank you! But I do not quite understand what you mean by "environment". Simon, you are very generous to my work, as always.)) This "regular company of actors" - the only people who agree to act in my crazy movies. And do it for free.))
  • Thank you, guys! There is still a lot of work. I hope the film will be interesting))
  • Well, you got me wondering what it's about! On YouTube must be English subtitles. Strange that I do not see them here. But trailers must intrigue the audience.))
  • In spite of everything we're shooting a new project! Here's a teaser, I hope you enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibVkylBfkmw PS. On Youtube there are English subtitles!
  • Unfortunately, the production of the new short had to be suspended. Too hard for our level. Organize such a difficult shot without a budget was harder than we thought. But we not stop, because the script we all love, and we are confident that the re…
  • Thank you everyone! But there really is not anything new. I'm sure I'm not the first who use this technique.
  • I am beyond excited for this!!! Are those bullets 3D? Hitfilm particle effect? Animated stock footage?! SHARE YOUR  SECRETS! There are no secrets: https://vimeo.com/74116547   YES. Bring it on. Love the idea of that car shot, with the bullets flyin…
  • This week we finally started shooting a new project. This will be the hardest thing of all that we have done so far. We now even have a script! With replicas and dialogues. Also in the film will be a lot of shooting, fighting, stunts, explosions an…