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  • I tried this several times. Unfortunately I have not found any software that can convert the cineform coded exports of Hitfilm Express. The results always are strange. Neither adobe's Media Encoder nor Avid's Media composer first nor Vegas or Magix …
  • @triem23 Thanks, that's what I thought
  • Is Mocha also a part of Ignite Pro or only available for Hitfilm Pro (or as an Addon for "Express")? Ich can't find it in the feature list...
  • Really now? Thanks for the info, I almost bought Hitfilm Pro believing in the promise: "HitFilm Pro is on the cutting edge of technology with support for 8K resolution UHD". But why the project-template "4K UHD @ 50 fps (also exists with 100 fps!)? …
  • Ich wünsche mir eine deutschsprachige Unterstützung für Hitfilm - für die Software und insbesondere für die Tutorials. Die englischen Videos sind für meine Sprachkenntnisse zu schnell. My wish: support for German language in Hitfilm - for the softw…
  • Hello, is it planned to make Ignite Express/Pro usable with Magix Video ProX? At the moment I use Hitfilm Express for the Ignite effects, but ProX is more usable for me (it has german userguides). Or - is the a trick to use it with ProX today?