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  •  Hi Just tried to download Action Pro as a beta. I find that I cannot open anything in Hit Film Pro to see how it all works. Am I doing something wrong or have you totally prevented export to Hit Film in the Beta version? I really would like to ch…
  •  Just took the plunge and downloaded the PRO version to create a title for a presentation I'll be making in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to using HitFilm.
  • Thanks for that info. I didn't actually expect an answer until sometime after Christmas as I thought you would all be at the office party. As for importing layered tiffs, I did try to do that but it didn't import as layers, just a flattened image .…
  • I've been playing around with HitFilm Express for a few days now, have seen many of the tutorials and am very impressed, so far, with its ease of use. I know that this question will have been asked many times before, but I know not what the answer i…