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  • Oh, thanks for that tip! I hope they will do documentation and tutorials on this soon. Hint, hint, @InScapeDigital.
  • Should the rigidity map be a grayscale with white being most influence, or black? Thank you for testing it out.
  • I just tried this with three points.  While this resulted in no distortion upon going to animate, the bottom of the wave won't stay in place. For instance, i have a point near the end of the wave curl and when I move it, it also moves the lower righ…
  • Something unexpected happened. I made a composite shot of the piece to be animated. I generated the mesh and points (I also dropped the tesselation.) and placed them. The first time I tried this with three points at the bottom, thinking it would be…
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a lengthy, info-filled post on this, Triem23. I will go over it more slowly and go through the videos (some of which I have indeed seen). I really appreciate it.
  • I finally found the tutorial I forgot to bookmark, so am gonna sit down and study this with the suggestions that have been made.
  • @InScapeDigital Hah! I just responded and thanked him.  I will incorporate your suggestions and try to post progress.  I think I understood what you meant for the placeholder. Is there an existing tutorial on how that might work? Thanks, Javert.
  • Ah, thanks for the paging tip. I am looking for a tutorial I had seen that I thought might help me and that I would try to convert as you are saying. I forgot to bookmark it (foolish girl that I am) and am still looking for it. Thank you.
  • So here was what I was thinking. I still need to learn what, if any, limitations 3D objects have. I would think you man move, rotate parts by parenting to points (as an armature) and move them in 3D space by making them dimensional. That should be f…
  • When I look at the forum, it says there is 1 comment (prior to this one), but when I look at the thread, I only see my original post.
  • No problem, Cedric. The forum where I moderate got hit with so much spam we had to resort to placing everyone new in mod queue to screen before release. It was the only solution with how hard we were being hit. I completely understood. Thank you for…
  • Gotcha, thanks for the info. 
  • Thank you, jsbarrett and Triem23.  Much appreciated.  I figured cuz I edited too many times in a short period of time. This isn't a problem on the forums I help mod, but I can see where it could trigger in others. I'll remember for next time. And …
  •  Thank you, Triem23. The video was very helpful and I was able to duplicate the tutorial's results with great satisfaction.
  •  Thank you so much for the comment, Stargazer54. Very appreciative of any advice. Am working on RodyPolis' great Light Saber Burn tutorial. So far so good, though when he gets to adding the texture, he seems to click on a little box to file browse…
  • Thank you, and I will look into the smooth and manual bezier. Yes, I painted the displacement in PS and was commenting that this was why I wanted to paint the masks in PS as well.  This is all so new, but I am certainly enjoying this.
  • Thank you, I will try that. And thank you for responding. The reason I was asking about PS was so that I may paint the mask in the same way as I paint my displacement. This is another GIF I made, this one using displacement for the subtle movement…
  • Thank you. All I did was post the YouTube link, so am not sure why it won't post the thumbnail. I was looking for information to see if it was possible to create a custom mask in PS and import to use in HitFilm. Do you or anyone have info or a lin…
  • Hmmm, not sure why the video doesn't show. Here is a link to the gif in my Google Drive.