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  • Lovely jubbly. Text as I want it. Thanks, as always.
  • Ah, cheers Palacono, thanks heaps. I can see the second method will save me time in the long run; any chance of walking me through it? Not especially familiar with presets. I've watched a few tutorials, but they all seem a lot more advanced than wha…
  • Ah bless you for your interest. I ended up using a transparent background that I then letterboxed and dragged across the sequence of clips that needed to feel 'different'. A minimal amount of scaling was then applied to remove the blue line.   Seem…
  • How can I not oblige such a helpful soul... I want to create a feel of 'otherness' for a  certain portion of a montage. Hence the letterbox effect, which does the job nicely. I'll have a play around with the bars and see what I can do.  Anything t…
  • a) Yeah, like I said, my workflow is all wrong...  I didn't want to remove the top and bottom of the footage when letterboxing - nor did I want black borders on the side - so just squashed the frame to create the effect. Doubtless there's a smarter …