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  • Awesome, I'll give that a try, thanks!
  • Thanks, Agreed on the picture bit, that's a good idea. I'll definitely do that for next time. Unfortunately I'm a bit stuck on the intro, as the spinning logo is a video that I've used from elsewhere, and use Hitfilm to resize and move it around t…
  • Took me a month, but finally made a followup! I've both reduced the length of the intro video, and hopefully made it more interesting with a moving mask overlay, I'll be interested to see what you guys think of the improvement. The content itself …
  • Liking it a lot, +1 to seeing some more detail/tutorial on how you achieved it.
  • @bakerlee, not really, at least not for my usage. Goldwave is an old stalwart that I've used since the Win95 days, Soundforge I recently got as part of a humblebundle, and Audacity comes well recommended   @Hudson982 Thanks!
  • Wow, thanks everyone! Regarding the audio; I use a mixture of Soundforge, Audacity and Goldwave, but actually for this intro music, it's handcrafted in Magix from loops, so I don't need to edit the wave/mp3 file, I can re-engineer it directly. I tr…
  • Hi, and thanks for the feedback, any criticism is welcomed, it'll only help me improve! I'll caveat that though, with this clip never actually being taken with the intention of editing and posting, it was just an amusing thing that happened in game…