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  • I worked with some new effects, http://ibb.co/dJ9bDS http://ibb.co/dDp9YS http://ibb.co/gfGOtS http://ibb.co/hzuySn imagine that there is a empty room, than the red version flashes into existence, followed by a pause than the red and skeleton versi…
  • Ok! I will look into that. I think I'm going to do something where they glitch with the hologram effect, which allows you to see the wireframe skeleton.
  • Thanks for the help, I have an idea about how I could make the grid thing work (bulge effect?). And I think I probably should get more pictures of my actresses and model them that way. I honestly dont have the time or patience to make it line by lin…
  • http://ibb.co/h5qrv7 http://ibb.co/ewida7 The links to the first two images were not working, here they are.
  • well... that sounded a bit weird  non-vfx-forms life
  • Thanks for the positive comments everyone, it means a lot, I wish I had friends like you in real life :-)
  • @tddavis Thank you, everything you said means a lot!
  • I found some prop chain handcuffs and made this: https://ibb.co/kA1rpG it was just a picture of me in my living room with some masking and effects https://ibb.co/bznE9G   https://ibb.co/cBcQGw
  • Thanks, @tddavis and @BobDiMarzo but I am actually pretty good with blender, I was trying to find a chain to use as a prop.   @tddavis @Triem23 @jsbarrett Thank you guys for saying that it means a lot, that’s honestly more support than I've gotten…
  • @tddavis Thank you so much! and yes, you can track in Blender but it isnt the best tracking software and usually you end up with the shaky track.
  • Thanks guys, sorry I wasn’t very active earlier, my great grandma died and I haven’t been online much. @Triem23 Thanks! I knew those existed (and I managed to get a small one for 90% off a few days after halloween this year) I was just hoping for a…
  • a what?
  • Oh, I know how to do this without any post effects! Forts you want to break the actor's nech, than cut a small hole in the back and put in one of those robotic back massagers than... wait, did you need them alive?
  • Oh, my bad, I didn’t realize this was so old, Thanks!
  • This sounds really cool, but the video seems to be unavailable, would you mind updating it?
  • Ok, first of all grammer, “Action pro is an awesome piece of software, I am going to download a trial of it, but, what can't I export from it? Do they really mean that I can't export a composite shot (or complete shot not sure what you ment there) …
  • also I find it kind of funny that for VFX and CG artests imperfection has become perfection 
  • I'm sorry, when I watched that video I was skimming through it and it was like 2 am. I saw that he was in HitFilm Pro and that he was useing a present called chromatic aberration and apparently that was all by brain comprehended. Thanks for the help…
  • Thanks guys,  (sorry for the delay christmas happened) I was planning on getting the distruction pack soon anyway so this is perfect, do you know if the chromatic aberration effect comes with any addons?
  • express with no addons (yet) and here, it was two links my bad http://ibb.co/g5SmvR   http://ibb.co/fvEo9m
  • Thanks, The first one was ment to be creepy but the second one was just ment to use as a gif for my friends profile picture. They were baced off of ddlc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebaK66OoY8o the glitches used by antisepticeye, and my own idea…
  • more displacement, animated displacement, lightning glow and slight heat distortion (Distortion still a W.I.P.), improved mask
  • Try #2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDfx4lGoKpM Better sky (its 3D now! and lightning) better eyes, more glitches, randomised transparency, better mask, light leak, RGB split.
  • Thanks!
  • well, yah its just an iPad,  wait... was that a joke...   *facepalms  
  • Thanks guys! I put all of the ideas to good use and ended up with this https://youtu.be/ptpALxI8SIA ! I'm not going to change it, but do you guys have any thoughts or comments on it?
  • nice job, I would have added some “noise” or something to the opacity to give it a little more life, but other than that great job!
  • Thank you @BobDiMarzio  I know about blendswap my main question was what do you think I should add and would they be worth it. but I will look arount blendswap a bit, thanks!
  • this one is the best one so far. https://ibb.co/ksLdJG
  • ok, I think I probably will buy it than, thanks here are the updated links that should work, is there anything that you think I should add? https://ibb.co/f8JyJG https://ibb.co/c4t9Qw https://ibb.co/ibSsdG https://ibb.co/d79SCb https://ibb.co/ncBJ…