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  • Great work, I wanted to watch this again! A few comments - the opening sequence might be paced faster. Between 0.58 – 1.40 the foreground seemed too dark in scene 1 road surface, and scene 2 right and left side of computer screen. Green light on ri…
  • Hi Palacono  Thanks  for your comment - effects, to name a few, include solarise, posturize, edges, bulge, environmental mapping, tile, insect lens ...like an artist's palette, sometimes the outcome is unexpected. (Not sure why thumbnail picture d…
  • The thumbnail for Fast Cars disappeared, so posting the link again: https://youtu.be/BwalzaVyHos Thanks  
  • The problem is resolved - although the file did not load as normal from start-up, it appeared when I clicked on 'Edit' tab.
  • Hello I am having the same problem from yesterday. Previous projects will not load up - a box shows 79% media is loaded then the box disappears. I wait but nothing happens. I tried restarting my computer to clear the problem but nothing seems to hel…
  • Thanks for watching - great comments and clips. Glad my little video inspired so much nostalgia! I did attend the opening night of the Hacienda club, guess it's hard to shake off... So much to learn...  
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