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  •  @NormanPNC & tddavis: Thank you both, I'll probably just leave at full since that's what it usually defaults to but might try a different setting if my content ever gets so advanced that lag becomes an issue.
  • Thank you too Triem & Palacono, I would go higher except it already takes me 2 hours to upload a 5 minute, 486MB video. Of course I still will trust my eyes like Norman said. I've encountered instances where I was able to set the Max export bitr…
  • Thank you so much again, so I can confirm I understand correctly I'll give an example. 1: If the clip has a Data Rate of 20Mbps & a Total Bitrate of 20.2Mbps. My Hitfilm export Target Bitrate should be 20.2Mbps & the Max at least 25.25Mbps?…
  • Thank you both for all your amazing advice, the following are the settings I decided on after hours of testing. OBS: Game Capture, CRF 14, Common FPS Value 48, Scaled Output resolution 1280x720. Hitfilm 4 Express: 48 FPS, Level 5.1, VBR 15-22.5. …
  • Thank you too & yes I've discovered that even with 24Mbps CBR in Hitfilm it still was blurry. 15-23 VBR was just right for 1280x720 so I'll resume increasing it until I've got a crisp 1600x900 which is my actual monitor size. Although I very rar…
  • Oh wow I had no idea thank you so much, I was using this as a guide for what I set bitrate at based off FPS & resolution. I'll give your suggestions a try & let ya know how it turns out, should I have OBS's bitrate set to 15Mbps as well?