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  • Only just found this. Superb. Very nicely done indeed.
  • Final addition after more investigation: This issue only occurs when clicking on another Composite Shot tab directly from within a textbox - clicking outside the current textbox before selecting another Composite Shot tab works as expected (i.e. th…
  • Ok - I have played around some more, and think the problem is GUI related. It seems to be occurring because the text tool icon does not get reset when switching between composite shots - so the GUI continues to display 'text mode' as selected (blue …
  • I think I might have narrowed the problem down and can replicate the following every time after loading a multi-composite shot project (the issue seems to be triggered when moving from one composite shot to another): 1. Load a project which contain…
  • I am yes. I can select text using the mouse and select all using CTRL-A, but if I press a cursor key HitFilm moves the textbox instead of the claret - and if I press DEL or BACKSPACE, HitFilm deletes the textbox instead of a character. I must empha…
  • I have the latest version on both my PC (7.1.7427) and iMac (I can't confirm the exact version at the moment as I won't be near it until the weekend).
  • Is anyone able to advise me whether the above issue is a bug or due to user error on my part? If I am doing something wrong I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me what it is so I stop doing it... Another issue I am having with Effect Textbox…
  • +1 for changing this behaviour.
  • Can anyone download/install/run this or only those who purchased Action Pro via HitFilm Studio?
  • It's a shame there's not a bundle for HitFilm Pro + Action Pro (for those who don't need Ignite Pro) - though I realise that buying Studio is cheaper than buying the 2 packages separately.
  • The "Hitfilm Studio" upgrade seems to include what was in my "Hitfilm Pro 2017" upgrade last year (which included "Ignite Pro 2017"), but will cost me £222 instead of £167. Alternatively I can upgrade without "Ignite" for £149. Is there a comparison…