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  • Which graphics card are you using? Also are you converting your footage to a more editable format such as dnxhd?
  • Thanks guys! I appreciate the advise. I'm looking forward to finally being able to get better audio in my videos. Though at this price level should I consider just getting the NTG3 and holding out for the accessories?
  • Are there any books or cheap courses where I could learn more about this kind of stuff? It seems mostly overlooked when it comes to learning film.
  • Thank you so much! you are a life saver! I'm starting to understand (still wrapping my head around it) and the video made sense I was doing it all wrong. Have a great day!
  • Triem23, I'm confused, are you simply saying my terminology is wrong (which I'm fine with btw I want to say it right), or are you saying that in the programs everyone one is advising me to get, it won't say DNxHD? If so what will it say on the lis…