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  • You'll probably get better responses if you give more information. The specific error you got.  Maybe a screen shot of the error.  Are you sure the file you are trying to export to isn't included in the project? If the project can't export at all, …
  • @Chibi - I agree it would be nice if it could be pulled down more. if you have a second monitor, you can undock and move it to it
    in Some tweaks Comment by rgbii June 2015
  • It might help to see what you're trying to do.   If it's not a lot of particles, why not keyframe them manually so they end up at the right spot. Another option is half way through, reverse it. I'm sure if you show an example, you'll get more sug…
  • Yes, if it's toggled on. As Triem23 mentioned, you can toggle it off using the buttons he described.
  • if you're wanting to create them for sound, check out the audio spectrum and waveform effects. also, check out the atomic particles.
  • I've had a few take a while, but never that long. Might be better to post on the Mocha forum to see what they have to say.
  • Well, I've been hoping they'd change the tracker to work on a composite, but since they haven't yet, that doesn't really help you. The only thing that comes to mind, which you probably have already thought of, is to export the de-interlaced footage…
  • From firefox, when you dropdown the list of files you've downloaded, you can either click on the folder icon to the right, or right click on the name and select open containing folder. Either of these will let you know where the file was downloaded …
  • You'll need to try and open the model from within Hitfilm itself, not from the browser.  
  • Just thought I'd mention that a recent change/bug in hitfilm breaks this and you'll get lines between the warps. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.  Here's a thread that discusses the issue. https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/6724/…
  • The project file shows to be 3.0.3813.6, so this issue was introduced sometime after that.
  • I used this in my poor mans mesh warp project since I needed a bit of overlap. I just loaded the project, and they've all reset to 0, which wasn't the case when I was working on that project, so this is a recently introduced issue.
  • Thanks @Triem23 - I did download another program that seems to work pretty well, but I'll probably also give the Android Freeware link from the site a try. 
  • I'm not sure if it's the same one @Triem23 uses, but under firefox, I use 'Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express".  It's free and works pretty good so far, though for 1080 and up, you have to click through an ad. I also use a standalone program cal…
  • I would recommend opening a support ticket for this  ( https://hitfilm.com/questions ).   It's been mentioned in other threads, but I haven't seen a fix or response from staff.
    in exporting Comment by rgbii May 2015
  • Agree with everything @Triem23 said but if you have Mocha Pro and shoot it right, you can remove your actor and have your cleanplate. 
  • StephansBilderwelt however, since you started the proxy on the composites, then changed them, the proxies where canceled.  You should start the proxy after you are done making changes.  Changing a composite while the proxy is being made cancels it, …
  • My previous post assumes each images resolution matches your video, if they don't, select an image from the timeline, press CTRL-A to select all of them, right click on an image, select 'Transform', then click on which ever method works best for you.
  • As previously mentioned, you need to calculate how long you want each image to last.   Once you've decided how long each image should last, go into HF's options, and change 'Plane/Image Default Duration' to match that value. Now you can select all y…
  • @StephansBilderwelt for me, bringing up the properties by right clicking on the media only shows an alpha option if HF thinks it has Alpha.  So I've had PNG's with and without it, and the same with videos.  So far, it's always shown up on media that…
  • I haven't seen the robot face pieces Triem23 mentioned, but here's two that might help.  https://vimeo.com/50644494   https://vimeo.com/69322154  
  • @OutlineEntertainment - nice work around. It looks like you may not even have to add an opaque layer, just set the 'Matte Source' to be 'Full'.
  • I agree, it should. I checked a few PNG's and a QT animation file with Alpha, all only  showed 'Straight' and 'Premultiplied' as options. A 'None' would be nice. Are you saying someone had a file that was at 'None'  and couldn't be changed.
  • Right clicking on the media lets you set type of alpha, but doesn't have an option to turn it off, which would be nice.
  • Agreed, doing one long track with mocha would be a much better choice for something like that. 
    in Cool effect Comment by rgbii May 2015
  • On the tutorial, it's mostly panning when I did the effect. If a shot has the camera moving in or out, or if you have camera shake with some tilt, you'd probably want to track with two points to include scale and rotation.
    in Cool effect Comment by rgbii May 2015
  • If I did, I'd give it to 16 year old me so maybe things would go a bit smoother    
    in Cool effect Comment by rgbii May 2015
  • Well if 54 year old me talked to 16 year old me, I'd tell me you're going to have more fun than you think at that lake house with the red head, but yea, after that we'd talk about other stuff   Here's a quick tutorial on doing this effect 100% in…
    in Cool effect Comment by rgbii May 2015
  • I haven't watched that link yet, but I didn't use mocha. I used HF's tracking, so it was 100% done in HF.
    in Cool effect Comment by rgbii May 2015