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  • OK, problem solved. It's more difficult for my laptop to handle DNxHD 220 (playback in the timeline is not smooth, but more than with H264). I will use a proxy and relink before the final export.
  • KevinTheFilmmaker I still need to test exporting time using H264 original files in the timeline or DNxHD.
  •  @InnateConcept It was one of my main problem. I resolve it with the DNxHD codec. Check out this thread: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/39788/configuration-for-1080p-60fps I hope the team can integrate into Hitfilm a better way to make proxi…
  • OK, after more tests, this is some results: DNxHD DNxHD codec matches preset with the resolution/FPS combination. I tried to transcode 1080p/60fps video to DNxHD 36 or DNxHD 45 in order to save space (I wanted to use intermediate files like proxi…
  • DNxHD and FFMPEG Colorspace I read some threads and it's possible to be in Rec709 with FFMPEG: http://community.avid.com/forums/p/60895/412838.aspx#412838 Do you know this trick? (but I'm sure I won't see difference between rec601 and rec709, and…
  • Yes, it must be provided by the AVID codec.
  • An other question, if I edit with DNxHD, is it useful to relink with original files (h264 here) before export? Is quality difference will be visible? (if audience just watch the final video, without looking for artifacts or other problems)
  • Colorspace of my source is YUV 4:2:0. DNxHD are YUV 4:2:2. No matter I suppose?
  • Hi, Thank you for the answers. I made a few tests and research. With MPEG StreamClip and Avid Codec, I "export to Quicktime" and choose "AVID DNxHD Codec". Then, there's not 1080p/60 in combinations, I must choose bitrate in 1080p/29.97 category.…
  • Hi, new to Hitfilm Express 3. Maybe a frameserving system to have more control for encoding. I'm used to use x264 and qaac, pointed as the best encoders for h264 and AAC. It allowed for end user to encode in all formats he wants. Thanks