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  • Hmm. I still see a higher bitrate for the cf encode. That is consistent with the dither problem in QuickTime. Wonder why a file that has been zoomed in is taking larger space than the one that went it.
  • https://cineform.blogspot.in/2014/02/quicktime-16-bit.html?m=1   Force 16-bit option passed to qt everytime I render using cineform. It's a very simple fix and will stop the higher file sizes and annoying dithering that I am seeing.
  • Use the mocha tracker for the face, and you can grade it on its on own separate layer. I use the same technique in AE using roto brush.
  • On a related note, how would I put a blur effect on  a 3d particle system ? I want to blur out the rain particles. I went through the particle properties, there is no option to blur.   In summary, how would I add a blur to the particles used in th…
  • Majahr I am on a mac where I cannot install your installer. Could you kindly put up the hfpr file for Rodypolis dust preset ?
  • Prores 422 HQ is YUV only. Looking at the export options in HFE 2017,in the export to PR422HQ, I see a grayed out option Channels->RGB Is HFE converting 8-bit RGB to 10-bit YUV for export ? I have 16-bit checked. Just wondering if you convert, …
  • I would be scaling down to 720p from 1440p. Is there any way to guarantee lancsoz downscaling? It does make a big difference, the default bicubic is just too soft.
  • For reference, related tutorial.   https://youtu.be/H3hFJTJbsY4   https://youtu.be/dy4oVDMApTE   https://youtu.be/PL3jo5R_gwU
  • I remember the pollen tutorial. And there is a fog effect in pro, if i remember right. Do you still for an upgrade from hitfilm 2 pro?
  • dust and mist/fog is all I can think of. But the mist contradicts the sunny weather.
  • And what particle effects would you suggest for a sunny day in a village ? There is a heat wave, but I dont want to overuse it. These volumetrics would only work inside a forest or indoors in an abandoned house.
  • This got me thinking. Real cities have always got unfinished roads and condos under construction. So perhaps construction cranes and partly completed buildings..
  • Is it possible to have some some generic objects, like buildings skyscrapers, that would be common to all cities. And add country specific items, like say slums, Taj mahal, parliament - for india. Opera House for Sydney, etc. EDIT:- When I think …
  • Scene Detection alongwith the listed XML support. If I can export a file from another NLE, and Hitfilm can just split it into component scenes..
  • I just realized that the distance chromakey was answered earlier. https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/39484/from-greenscreen-to-camera-move-and-atmospherics Just need an answer to Channel Mixer and Selective Color
  • Also is there an equivalent to the Selective Color effect from AE ? I use it to increase the green and yellow in a poorly lit key. Also, I use Channel Mixer to remove the spill on the edges. on the top one, add a channel mixer and change the green…
  • Would a grayscale map mapped to camera distance suffice as a depth map ? I can do this in photoshop, or in hitfilm with multiple layers for walls and floor.  
  • Right, the thing is I am not using 3D models. For example, there is a plugin called Buena Depth Cue that allows you to map 3d solids to objects in your 2d image, thus generating a depth map and then this depth map can be used to generated 3d fog and…
  • For the record, I do not want to remove the chroma color again so I hope Hitfilm has no problem recognizing the alpha channel in the composite that I am bringing in from AE.
  • @Triem23 Could you post a tutorial to the bump maps workaround ? I am working with stereo 3D. I am using the pics to generate a normal map. And I was hoping to relight the scene using volumetric lights while animating a camera move.  
  • Simon made a comment on this effect >>For a modern codec solution on Mac we recommend ProRes 4444 for .mov with alpha channel.>>   I guess I have to have individual footage files in 444 and import in Hitfilm then re-export in 444 poss…
  • In Hitfilm 4 ? Or did it start from 2 ? Yes I have GP studio premium Another poster here complains about lack of CF support in HF 4. http://nofilmschool.com/2015/11/meet-hitfilm-pro-4-powerful-all-one-editing-vfx-software-thats-genuinely-affordab…
  • What about sequences already edited ? I assume the only way is to render entire footage filmes in hitfilm and then export and re-import into the original sequence in FCP.
  • Turns out that Hitfilm does not support Cineform so I cant even start a project with the files I have. Also, I dont think there is a capacity to import files from FCP - no xml support. Could we have an import for FCP XML files ? And support for Cin…
  • Turns out that Hitfilm does not support Cineform so I cant even start a project with the files I have. Also, I dont think there is a capacity to import files from FCP - no xml support. Sad :-(