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  • I'm sure there is. The first thing I'm thinking are levels and color correction, but it would help to see the two shot's you're referring to
  • Good work. I've always marveled at those marvel opening sequences
  • @Behind_The_Lens I'm not sure I understand your question. Personally with the t5 kit lens I find there is almost always too much light outside and I need a variable ND filter. If you have a lens with a low stop I would definetly choose that to cont…
  • Would it be possible for us to see the shot? I wonder if we can share something that would explain exactly what you need to do.
  • Cool short @Triem23, @Davlon I'm cool with sharing my work with you guys once it's done if anyone wants to use it. Question: Can we create presets for comps that are embedded. I naively tried to export a comp with other embedded comps and hitfilm …
  • Of course, I've experimented plenty with different variations so far. From watching the tutorial I could tell where my looks would differ. As sad as it seems I tend to use particles less often whenever possible because of how slow things get. So it…
  • OH Noooo!! You found old Javert "locked in vault" vfx  XD, He's gonna hate you for this lol. After doing the disintegration effect from the tutorial I found that I need some sort of extra variation to get it to look the way I see in my head. I feel…
  • Yes @CNK  XD that's where all the masking went down. Photo wasn't big enough lol. and I didn't want to zoom in so much as to flatten the image making it look closer and more cluttered.  It's crazy that I hadn't even bothered to notice tha…
  • Thanks @jsbarret ! Once I'm done working on the effect from the tutorial that Triem Visuals did today I'll share that here:  
  • OMg! Fun shorts @maui9. I'm dying XD
  • Yeah I plan to check that out when I get in. Using what you've done I'm sure after adding my style to it and making the forces more whimsical it will fit the scene. In my scene as the girls dream is ending, the people in her dream sort of blow into…
  • @chriguf I hadn't used that technique when I was building the simulator myself last night. I guess that would make the most sense. The shot I have to work with may give me some trouble with masking since I didn't use a green screen. Luckily I do ha…
  • @Triem23 particles are still a monster to me. My computer was having a hard time at 3000 particles, when i saw you say 30k my eyes go so wide lol. I didnt' use the techniques you used to lower the intensity of the other processes though, I'll have t…
  • OMG Mike from Triem Visual!!!! Yo lol, i'm out of my mind right now @Triem23 
  • Hitfilm JUST put out a tutorial  What is happening! lol  
  •  ROFL, i'm too tired to even figure you out atm lol.
  • OOOoOoHhhhHhHH!!!!! LMAO oh man...  FML right now lol, thanks
  • Sorry, i posted the video twice lol 
  • I think @Andy001z is on the right track. Though I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the issue. Maybe for really complex matches you should create a composite of that match in order to place it on another layer of the time line. Sounds…
  • XD You guys are frickin awesome for this!!! omg XD
  • Thanks @OliThompson ! This is the first time I've shown this to the film community. Other people seemed to like it but I can get away with a lot through their eyes.
  • XD I'm totally leaving it lol
  • Thanks @Andy001z !
  • I'm sorry, that just seems so overly complicated to me. If you want try these steps. -Create a composite -Name it Letterbox Overlay -Make a grade layer in that composite -Drag the letterbox to that grade layer -From your media bin drag the "Letterb…
  • XD that's nuts! lol, one of the directors on the movie told me i should use that movie for inspiration. Loved that movie btw
  •  Thanks @tddavis ! That ring was a happy accident of the yellow flare in the upper left. This scene takes place in a dream so I decided not to be too realistic with some of the lighting.
  • OH! lol I think those are rocks... ... ... OH SHaaaatT yes, that is where my mask clone shows ROFL. D@mn you're sharp lol. I think I just might leave that in there as homage to you XD
  • Thanks Triem XD What bush!? lol. Tell me so I can fix it lol
  • Yeah, what you said (two months later lol). I usually create a comp with a grade and letter box and drop the layer over the entire movie.  I can't really see any other way to do it without painfully doing it in each video