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  • Just wanted to add another interested person in a Linux version of HitFilm (got sent here from a tweet reply). Not tried running it via WINE so that might be an option for now (what I do is very basic so if it's a little slower it wouldn't be an is…
  • The video is actually only 2560x1440 (native res of the screen I was recording on). Everything works absolutely fine when I don't have the second monitor plugged into the MacBook and I was able to do the editing when I tried at home without it. Th…
  • Hello again, I've uploaded a short video trying to show the issue here - I'm working on a 15" 2015 MacBook Pro with OS X 10.11.6. I think it might be because of the difference in the monitor resolutions and DPI settings…
  • I'll try to get a screen recording of what happens tomorrow. The best I can describe it as is that the in the 'Viewer' panel the preview wouldn't display correctly and the controls for it would 'misbehave'. Like I said, I'll try and get a screen re…
  • Ah, it's not actually a problem with the workspace. It's a problem with having multiple monitors. I'm at home now and don't have an external display connected and things are working as expected. It could possibly be an issue with 2 monitors with di…
  • Ah thanks. The Ctrl-Home shortcut will help since I'm currently zooming out and back in again or clicking the side scroll bar. Thanks guys.