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  • Hi Simon Thx that you can confirm the bug, hope you team can fix the bug soon because the denosier is a really really really really useful effect. Maybe you can bring the denoiser as a plugin in vegas ??   thx dieter
  • Hi If i save the Hitfilmproject under other name then the vegas clip dont have the denoiser effect.This not really helps. bye
  • Hi My clip is in Editor timeline ( send the clip from Vegas to Hitfilm ), then i make a composite shot from this timeline. This is working with many effects ( Autocontrast,Lensflare..) but when i use the denoiser and save the project the clip in V…
  • Hi Output ist 1920x1080,mp4 The export from hitfilm with full resolution as a png picture has the same blurred output. I have test a smaller picture ( 5000x5000px) this looks better but not as good as the orginal picture. is there a max resoluti…
  • Hi I have found the error. I have a Notebook with Intel hd 4600 graphics and AMD 8790M. When i start hitfilm then the intel hd 4600 was used but when i switch rendering to AMD 8790M then all is ok. It looks that the Intel OpenGl driver is not so goo…