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  • Okay, here's one more question for anyone who might know:  How do I get the ignite plugin inside of Davinci Resolve? I tried googling it, but no luck.    Never mind. something was wrong with davinci.I reinstalled it and now i'm good to go.
  • Good point. Guess I will use Davinci for cutting. Useful info about skin exposure, by the way. I'm going to be buying myself an external monitor on black friday, so I'll be playing around with all of the false color and zebra and what not. Just disc…
  • Okay, thanks guys. that answers all of my questions. I'll be sure to check out those videos, Triem.
  • Oh, okay. so I just need to rearrange the order that I do things . I always thought color correction was one of the last things u do followed by grading. so one thing that confuses me. triem, u said the color correction is done before the editting.…
  • actually, just discovered the auto scene cutter in davinci. Certain transitions would still be an issue though.
  • Well, the tricky part for me is when I import my project into Davinci, it's all one whole video. It's no longer a bunch of different clips put together. So I would have to manually cut the scenes apart, going frame by frame. But that wouldn't always…
  • You know what, now that I've rendered it a second time, the issue is gone. Maybe it was just a one time deal thing. Cuz I've never had an issue with it before. Sorry to bug you guys. Thanks for looking into it.
  • I am using VLC.
  • ... Well, I got a snap shot of the export settings and the mediainfo, but now I can't figure out how to upload them. I'm trying this insert image button, but its got me confused. It's asking me to type in  a source... How about an upload option?
  • That worked perfectly. Thank you Palacono.
  • Okay, thanks. Audacity worked.
  • bump
  • Hey, just wondering if there's been much progress with analyzing this problem.
  • no, the clips that I'm having issues with are all 60fps. It was shot with the canon 70d
  • They are .mov files. The footage that I'm having issues with is 60fps, the clips I didn't have any issue with are 24fps. OS: Winows 7 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Graphics Card: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series RAM: 16gigs
  • Hey, another question. So I've been making grade layers like you said, Axel. And it's worked. But just recently I've been having an issue. With some of my clips, when I make them into a composite shot, the timeline only shows the last few seconds of…
  • Oh, didn't think about that. Thanks Axel. Oh, okay. Guess I don't need to worry about putting it in the wishlist then.
  • No, that's the volume control of an individual clip. I'm talking about the entire audio track. What I have going on is, I have a 6 minute video. Instead of adjusting the volume of every dialogue clip so that my dialogue doesn't have loud and quiet p…
  • Here's an idea that I don't think has been mentioned: Shortcut for selecting a clip. I saw someone use their video game controller for editing their videos. Looked fun, so I wanted to give it a try. Doesn't work if there's no shortcut for selecting …
  • Okay, I reinstalled Quicktime and disabled the player. And now hitfilm can read my .mov files! Thanks.
  • I've already uninstalled Quicktime, so it's a bit late for me to hold onto the codecs. Probably be a bad idea to reinstall it. My issue isn't really video size, so I'm not worried about converting to something more manageable. I guess I'll just hav…
  • Thanks! Didn't realize it would be something simple like that. So nothing is changed to the video? Just a rename and it's good as the original?
  • Yes, that information is exactly what I needed. Thanks alot Triem
  • My storage media is HDD.  As for GPU, AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 series. I'm guessing that's my gpu anyhow. Let me know if what I just listed is something else entirely.