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  • Triem, As ever that has sorted me out. Many thanks Berty
  •  Triem, As ever thanks for your fast and accurate response. How do you view the lifetime panel ? You turn it on! I have now done what you suggested and varied the colour - great. I have also adjusted the rising dust. Anyone got any suggestions on…
  •  Axel - thanks, perfect. So simple. Not really sure why I couldn't see that !
  • Thanks for all your help, but I guess this is the nub of the problem. I have no options other than extrusion when I select custom. The other options in the tutorial using HF2 are simply not there. Screen image So where do I select the image ? …
  • Pro, and I'm afraid that is not the case Triem23.  At least the tutorial shows options I do not have - namely when you select custom there is no way to select the file you wish to use as the pattern, or at least not in the same place it was in versi…
  • Ah - that should read "but it's for HitFilm 2" otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense!
  • I think the first "Spaghetti" version.
  • Thanks for all your help. I have turned everything up to 11 but MP4 still has a washed out look. However looking at footage exported from Vegas as MP4 it's about the same. Looks like MP4 is not the man for the job here. So I guess I'm stuck with unc…
  • Here are three images which demonstrate: Original AVI Post Hitfilm exported as AVI Post Hitfilm exported as MP4 Look at their feet and the blacks behind them - it's just not as vibrant
  • Michael, I think you may be right. I have just rendered a test shot. 90 mins! You've pointed me in the right direction and I'll have a good play.
  • Yes - I've been guzzling those tutorials. I'll post the final effect (don't hold your breath !)
  • Michael, Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Got it. I have changed my original emitter to non sticky so they just fly over. The embedded comp then fills in the letters from the sticky emitter. Brilliant. No-one will notice that the particles filli…