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  • Hi Ady, Sure that would be fine. Great even, if that´s how we could solve it. Please let me know how. Kind regards, Charles
  • Hi, sorry I haven´t answered sooner. Since I get no forum notification mails I loose track a bit. @Ady: I don´t mind the questions. We need to narrow things down, don´t we? It´s a separate HD @7200RPM, 750GB and I have 72 GB of free space remaining …
  • Great Triem! Thanks for taking the time and letting me know!
  • Well, I´m just getting started and I really like it thus far! A few first things that I noticed (and miss) are - having the ability to loop playback - to set the timeline to bars and beats (with the ability to set the BPM of course) - to see audio w…
  • We actually have a Getting Started playlist on the YouTube channel. There's quite a few videos in there, but if you go through them all you'll know pretty much everything you need to know to then go off an explore on your own. http://www.youtube.co…
  • Vegas can load a Hitfilm composite shot and treat it as media, so, yes, you can export shots with transparent backgrounds, and without rendering! You can think of it like nesting veg files onto a Vegas timeline. Maybe I´m doing something wrong (I pr…
  • You can also export uncompressed AVI that's RGBA ( 24-bit), so it includes the alpha channel to use with basicly any NLE or other editors. But, it requires loads of diskspace. Image sequence (png) would be better, just keep 1 sequence per 1 folder. …
  • I don't think hitfilm's ruler can be changed. That´s a shame, since I think you could do great things with it. Any chance it will be a future feature?
  • Hi everyone, I hadn´t received notifications about new replies (even while I checked the box, strange?), so sorry I haven´t answered sooner. Thanks for all your suggestions, I appreciate your input. I will try them/look at the tuts. and see if run i…