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  • Thanks. Anime Studio is great software. I've heard people say you can only do cut-out style with it but it's just not true. Now it has smart bones you can have a head turn just by rotating a bone. That's what I did.  Good to hear you got sound too.…
  • Thanks StormyKnight. That's what makes film making so enjoyable isn't it. knowing that you can affect people's emotions even in 4 minutes! Thanks for taking time to comment.
  • Thanks Stargazer54. Strange you didn't get sound. i just checked and the sound is there on Vimeo. Other packages? I used Anime Studio for all the 2D animation and most backgrounds. Hash Animation:Master for all the 3D.  PDPro Howler for some backgr…
  • Thanks StormyKnight. It's taking a long time but it's fun
  • Hi Emma, this is the fire trail shot. Blink and you miss it Shot70
  • Emma, Thank You so much! Your reply couldn't have been any clearer. That got me going straight away. I was assuming that ALL particle effects would have the same properties so wondering why I wasn't seeing the 'Position' property under 'General' on …
  • Aha, thanks for the amazingly fast reply. That'll be it! 8-|
  • Thanks Simon. Yes it would be very useful. Robin - good idea and I'd never have thought of that! I will try it. I guess I could create the beam with a mask also.
  • I'm not normally a fan of ultra realistic animation but I couldn't help liking that. It was really well done and breathtaking in parts.
  • That's ingenious! I may try that for footsteps in future. The whole process of film making allows you to be very creative and inventive and is what makes it so enjoyable I think.
  • Looking good. The walks are done very well. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.
  • That looks great! Nice timing and moves
  • Well you should be really proud as it's an impressive piece of work as I said before. If this is anything to go by you will be producing amazing films in no time. Btw, do you know about this site Stop Motion Magazine It's a great site and produces …
  • That looked great! It was very impressive and hooked the viewer totally. Technically the stop-motion could have been smoother but the more experience you get the smoother and more natural the animation will become. It all worked together in the film…
  • The worst film I've ever seen has to be Frankenstein Island. You may find clips on YouTube. (I did link to it here but it didn't work for some reason). The acting and effects are awful and the script doesn't make sense. John carradine was apparentl…
  • This is really interesting. Animation was always my hobby, starting when I was at school. Luckily I was able to do this as a career too and have now worked as a 2D traditional animator, on stop-motion series and now as a CG animator using Maya! In m…
  • Ah, that explains why the files I rendered first weren't imported. The filenames were much longer than the files that were successfully imported on a later attempt.
  • I re rendered the files and placed in a folder on its own and it's worked! I don't know if it was a glitch in the original file or what? This new update of HitFilm seems pretty nippy too. So all is well. Really?...you bought HitFilm due to my post …
  • I only tried Targa's because the PNG's didn't work. I think there may be another folder inside the folder containing the images. Maybe that's the problem? I can't look until tonight though. I will let you know.
  • Dauid, Yes, it's me AmigaMan from the AM Forum... I clicked the arrow and 'Image Streams'. I also tried it by both clicking the folder and also by clicking inside the folder. When I clicked just the folder it was imported into HitFilm but when I add…
  • That's right. Mike Clifton is still the main guy. I've been using VisionLab with Moho/Anime Studio for a long time but hoping to swap entirely over to HitFilm soon when I get my hardware sorted out.
  • Wow! I do use Anime Studio so this is of great interest to me Your shot looks great.
  • I get exactly the same problem so I will try the same solution. Thanks
  • I had the same problem and error message when attempting to install on my Samsung R710. After installing new Intel graphics driver's from Samsung's website I did atleast get HitFilm to install but it runs incredibly slow. All my other graphics and e…