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  • Fulcrum2016
    Ever since I've had Hitfilm, I've had nothing but fun with it, and it all started with that one gif on the website with you and the Iron Man HUD!
    February 2017 Comment
  • yamaanbakir

    the hitfilm 4 and sci fi pack giveaway doesnt work for me

    August 2016 Comment
    • KirstieT
      If you've already got HitFilm 4 Express, it may be defaulting to your older license without the Sci-fi pack. Contact our support team and we'll be able to sort it out for you: Hope that helps!
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  • Mike_Arnold

    I have HF2 and HF3. I would like to use the JVC video camera but the sound system does not or is not compatible. Where are the upgrades? What are my options?



    March 2016 Comment
  • Majahr


    Currently, there are some discussions in the forum about the speed difference between HF2 and HF3. During beta test, I've noticed the same and uploaded a speedtest-project to the bugtrack which renders 2 times faster in HF2. There were never be a feedback from any you may take a look at this project to check out the problem.

    I've also wrote Simon some private messages using the corresponding function from the website...and never get any feedback. So does anyone got a notification if a new message is send?

    Last point: Is HF3 now available on the Amazon website so I can write down a testimorial?



    November 2014 Comment
    • KirstieT
      We are aware of the speed differences on some specific machines and everyone here is working really hard to work out what's happening. We do get notifications if messages do get sent - has Simon replied to you yet? HitFilm 3 Pro is now available on - we'd love it if you would write us a testimonial. Best wishes, Kirstie
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  • Don't limit yourself!

    October 2014 Comment