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  • khaledraafatgado

    Help me fund my project

    I created a project called "Arts Talents Association" on and looking for your help to raise funds for my project , please check my project link below and if you cannot contribute financially it would be great if you can spread the word about it

    Thank you for your help in making my project a reality.

    Zoomaal, the first online crowd funding platform looking to reveal the ambitions of independent talents in the Arab world. Recently featured on CNN, Forbes, Booz & Co, New York Times, Wamda, etc.

    Basically, Zoomaal is about sharing your idea/project with the world. Anyone who likes what you are doing could support and fund you easily online (through credit card), while you focus on perfecting your project. Zoomaal raised more than $200,000 for several success stories.

    December 2016 Comment
  • nkkoran

    Hi Axel. First, I'd just like to say thank you for being so helpful with all of my problems before, I really appreciate it. I was wondering, how can I create or animate something to use as a greenscreen background? Something like a moving sky, such as in this: ;

    (This is what got me inspired to do it)


    July 2016 Comment
    • AxelWilkinson
      Generally for slow moving clouds, you would just set up your camera on a tripod, and film the sky. If you want the clouds to move faster than they actually were, then you can speed up the footage in post, to enhance the movement. Then, just drop the cloud footage underneath your greenscreen video, so it shows up where the green was removed.
    • nkkoran
      What would I do if I wanted to create an animated background, such as a wall rising behind me, or something I couldn't film?
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  • HitFilmer207130

    hello axel   hit fiim has been great to me unfurtunatly  computer guy installed some stuff and crutped my prgram.i thought it was registered with hitfilm,i have  the link and code to activate it but wont let me. thank you.maby someone could help...

    June 2016 Comment
  • PrismaticFlame

    Excuse me, you commented on one of my posts earlier and thank you so much for that, helped a lot. But I was wondering about one thing ; how do I render a video to my computer?

    July 2016 Comment
  • Yeremyah

    Axel, HITFILM made a comment on my video ages ago, "well done Yeremyah, keep up the great work" and your comment had generated around 77 likes as well.

    I noticed today that someone at HITFILM has removed your comment on my video, may I ask Why?

    May 2016 Comment
    • AxelWilkinson
      I'm not sure what you mean; I still see the comment there. I didn't have anything to do with the original comment or any editing of it, so maybe there was another one you are referring to. But I still see the "well done" comment from our channel on your video.
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  • eduardo20

    Please Axel could you help me with this??

    The error message i'm getting is "File Not Supported". When I open the properties tab it says "The media could not be imported.

    February 2016 Comment
    • JasonMuzik
      Hi Im not axel lol but it simply means thefootage needs to be reprocessed into another file format. for sound ' WAV " works. you just need to resave it in another file format. In my computer if u cant see a picture as a thumbnail then it wont work on a lot of programs in my computer. ?
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  • JasonMuzik

    Hi, Axel. I was wondering when I want to put a hitfilm copy into another computer do I just put it into a memory stick & then put it in the new cpu & then download it?.

    IIm stoked.  I just got a AMD 8370E 8 core processor, a  GTX 960 with 16 g ram. I got it just for hitfilm. Wat do u think?  I really like hitfilm. The computer will be built tomorow. Thx for all ur contribs.

    March 2016 Comment