I was wondering what (in your opinions) would be the best way to spend $40.00 on add-ons (or filmmakeing stuff in general).





  • @D1a1v1e11  Very loaded question.  There are so many ways to go here.  Without knowing exactly how you want to use HFE, it'll be hard for anyone to say for sure what you would use most.  But really it would depend on what you want to do that Express doesn't allow you to do now.  Think about what you would like to have been able to do but were limited by Express.  There'll be your best answer, I think.

  •  I would second what @tddavis said. The starter pack has so much generally useful good stuff it is kinda a given to have, IMO. 

  • I mostly make animations (or live action stuff) that is scu-fi thrmrd, but lately I have been doing more informative stuff.

  • $40 is a tricky amount. Some packs are $10, some $25, some $50.

    For $40 you could get the Starter Pack (honestly the best, IMHO) and a $25 pack. For $50 you could get two $25 packs. 

    Best advice--look in the store at Atmospheric Lighting, Sci-fi and Destruction. See which of those three has the most you're interested in. Consider the Starter Pack strongly. It's got some good utility effects including color curves (the best grading tool) and 3D Extrusion (great for text and set extensions). 

  • ok, I am definitely getting the starter pack and I think i'll get the distinction pack.

  • does the distruction pack come with ALL the 3D muzzle flashes?

  • @D1a1v1e11  I cannot say for certain that Pro doesn't have more muzzle flashes, but I would doubt it.  I would think that when you get an add-on you get everything that Pro has.  The exception of course being those few Pro-only things like 3D model import and such.  In case, you haven't seen this breakdown of the effect packs here is this link:

    Tough choices, I know, but sometimes you gotta make 'em.


  • yes, definitely Starter Pack, split screen or leave color are cool

  • now that I have been thinking more I think that the Atmospheric lighting pack would be better for my current needs, does anyone think that it is bad or that I shouldent use it?

  • D1a1v1e11

    The atmospheric lighting pack is absolutely gorgeous. I have it and I love it.
    The destruction pack has indeed a $h!t load of muzzle flashes which I really like... Colorist and Mocha are also awesome, but for your needs I'd go for Starter and Atmospheric.

  • ok, thank you!

  • @Triem23 Doesn't Express 2017 now come with 3D Extrusion for free?

  • I don't think so

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