Linear vs Uncompressed PCM and video/audio merge function

I have a video file that has Linear PCM and a master audio file that has Uncompressed PCM (both are 16 bit, 48000 Hz).  When I try to merge the audio and video files, the audio is always out of sync.  Do they have to be both Linear or both Uncompressed?


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    I converted the stereo WAV file into mono thinking that might help (via Audacity) - no improvement.

    I then tried the same merge operation in Premier CC and it synched up perfectly (all clips).

    I would be happy to upload my clips to the HitFilm developers for analysis.



  • Not certain from you question exactly what you are doing when you say merge the video and audio, but, a common problem with audio sync before Hitfilm Pro 2017 was using video that has a variable frame rate. Is your video from a cell phone or screen capture program? Does the audio start out synced up and then drift off?

  • I'm using the audio/video sync feature:

    The video file is not VBR.

    The video clip came from a HD camera (not a camcorder): 

    Frame rate: 23.976 (fixed)

    Codec: AVC/H.264

    Camera audio: 

    Format: 16 bit stereo

    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

    Codec: Linear PCM


    External audio came from a Tascam DR-40:

    Format: 16 bit stereo

    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

    Codec: Uncompressed PCM

    Container: WAV


  • @Digitalman42

    Did you manage to solve this problem?

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