Our latest Starwars Homemade Fanfilm

Well here it is, have been using hitfilm and realsing fun videos the kids enjoy making on youtube, 

you can probably notice quite a few of the effects from tutorials hitfilm have posted previously !

This was my first dabble with 3d models though, as always any criticism is welcome as im a complete amateur and take all feedback on bored. The best feedback i previously recived is the pacing of my last film was a little slow and think i have improved on this.



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    @jameskirstylou  Very cute.  And you can tell your children were having all kinds of fun.  The cat really threw me for a loop.  It was so weird looking.  I thought your ship compositing looked decent and your gun scorches looked okay (maybe a tad too contrasty but acceptable.)  You might try dropping the opacity on them a tad to blend them a little.   Keep at it.  I'll bet it plays on a non-stop loop around the house...

  • Very cool. :)

  • Fun little short!

  • Wow, cool little vid, had me watching until the end. I liked some of the camera work the ones that worked best for me are the locked down ones. How many retakes was that? or was it a shoot loads and hope you got something?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • jameskirstylou

    Looks cool!

    Some tips:

    • The rotoscoping at 1:07 looks a bit of as it's a feathered mask, but hey, that's me being picky 
    • The screen replacement at 1:35 doesn't really work as you just applied a mask. What you could use is the quad warp effect, then you can warp the image/video to fit the screen
    • The muzzle flashes at 1:56 feel a bit off... I'd suggest adding some smoke and sparks
    • I think it would be nice if you looked into color grading the piece. Your ideas are really cool and with some good grading (and maybe a letterbox) the piece could look even cooler.
      Check this tutorial for some basic stuff on that:

    I think your ideas are really cool and the things I mentioned are not to be harsh but more a critical review. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of you!


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    ....and this is what it's all about. Brilliant! I remember making my own Super 8 Star Wars film back 1977 where we had to scratch the emulsion off the celluloid with a sharp knife to make laser beams.....haha. Both time, and Hitfilm have made things so much better. Well done!! :)

  • jameskirstylou Nice film.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    Keep up the excellent work and hope to see more from you.

  • thanks guys i seem to have missed these comments, looking into all of them as i type.. all are very valid and hope to use them in the next video !

  • hey jamie, just finished watching the color grading, thanks for the tip ! will give it a try !

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That was so much fun! I think Jaime hit most constructive criticism notes already.

    That poor cat! Haha!

    Special kudos on the edit where Phasma knocked the Resistance Agent over the couch. It did a good job selling a really hard hit while being absolutely safe for the kids to perform. 

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