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Hi all. Im new to Hitfilm (Express) and there is something I can't solve. Im used to Sony Vegas and I often crossfaded videos. WHen I had 2 videos with audio files and I wanted to make a smooth crossfade between them, I just moved one over another. I automaticaly made a crossfade both between video and audio file.  I cant sort it out, how to make a crossfade for audio files in Hitfilm. I know there is cross disolve for videos which works just fine, but how to make a crossfade for the audio files at the same time?  


  • Express 2017 does not have an audio crossfade transition. Pro 2017 does. Express only has a fade transition.

  • :/  There should be one in express. Its pretty basic function.

  • @NormanPCN is it in a add-on pack?

  • "Its pretty basic function."

    No argument here. Even Pro did not get an audio crossfade until the 2017 version (effectively version 5).

    " it in a add-on pack?"

    It's not listed in any of them.


    Additional notes. @AxelWilkinson The documentation for the fade transition is still incorrect. It states that when placed across two events it does a crossfade. It does not. Also, audio crossfade is not documented for Pro.

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    You could probably do it manually, although it would be a little fiddly.

    Starting with video+audio Clip 1 and Clip 2. Set them so they're where you would like to do a crossfade. Split the audio from both of them. Move the audio from Clip2 down to a different audio track. Add the crossfade to the video and adjust the length. Stretch out both the audio tracks so they overlap each other with Clip1 audio on the track above Clip 2 audio so the lengths match with the video transition above them both. Add fades to both so one goes down as other goes up.

    You'd also have to do something like this (separating audio from video) if you did a J or L cut on the audio. Although if a fade wasn't needed, you'd just butt them up against each other, offset from the video transition point.

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    THank you all. Im little suprised its so hard to achieve. For me its still the most used transition between two vidoes with audio. Anyway I managed to find manual solution. (move one video and audio to other track > move them so they lay one over another a bit > put cross dissolve as fade  in for the second video > put fade in for the second audio and fade out for the first audio. It does the work. But really this should be automated (like in vegas). 

  • @shogel Keep in mind that 1) HitFilm is not as old as Vegas, and 2) the focus of HitFilm's development so far has primarily been in the realm of visual effects. I'm sure the devs want the HitFilm editor to eventually contain many of the same features as other editors. It's just gonna take time.  Expecting it to match any other app feature-for-feature at this point is unrealistic.

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    @jsbarrett @shogel Another important thing to remember about Vegas is it started as a multitrack audio editor and it treats video clips as audio.

    NO NLE except Vegas has that "overlapping clips means crossfade" behavior.

    Too bad, because that's one of the reasons Vegas is so incredibly fast at throwing together basic edits.

  • Yeap. Anyway Hitfilm is still a peace of great program. Ill give it a try, 

  • I had the hardest time crossfading audio until I saw this. I hope it helps. I was used to the way Sony Vegas does it.


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