Bluetooth Cordless Hose Review

Hardest clip I've ever done, had to re-record 4 times before getting to this one... from bad acting to wind issues etc.... I preferred doing the light saber lol

I welcome comments....

(love a few more subscribers if ya bored of watching the normal clips... itll cheer my son up too as we don't seem to get many despite everyone saying how good the clips are, (including family and they never like or share, they wait for me to put on facebook))


  • That's good. Really good. :)

    Trying to work out how you did the remove, as there was water spray everywhere to complicate things and...nope, can't tell where the original hose was.

  • Very nicely done!  My main wish is that the camera was closer.  The wide view works fairly well for the first shot, but when the "batteries" run out, the wide angle doesn't work as well.

  • I think that if he had a closer shot that it would be more obvious that the batteries running out was just the boy releasing the trigger.

    Only possible (nit picking) improvement would have been adjusting that hand so that it was still on the trigger when the water stopped and it was released/pulled when he "tried again".

  • oh man you guys are spot on, I filmed so many times then to experience different issues... spray when facing the wind... the damn cats, the hose on the right side of him, then somehow went in front of his left leg, the random cats... lol and yes I totally agree with the trigger, one time I had him doing the trigger under his right hand, but in the above footage I forgot about it until I went with a zoom in.... there was so much I wanted to do but my actor was not the best to work when he didn't want to do it, hence me saying I filmed it everyday for about 5days.... when I mention the batteries, in the caption screen it was to change to separate footage coz of the cats and some real issues with the spray....

    I also wanted to try new skills learnt from the forum, I wanted to pretend to press a Bluetooth symbol and have it flash blue while it was trying to connect.... but on a close up you would realise that I had had the gun for sometime, from certain scrapes and marks etc :( so in the end I kept it short and sweet on the hope it might get us a few more subscribers, as that's all my son cares about, I do try and use this and say, we need to record some new footage lol...

  • @Bry_Man ;

    I've subscribed as I know the pressure. I'll get my son to do the same.

    If you could reciprocate it would be appreciated
    AlfieD Youtube

  • thanks Tony, your number 44 lmao.... when they've done it make sure they make a comment then ill know that they are the 45th... (clever how that works, lmao)

    they have some interesting clips...

  • All done..

    I went through some of your other videos and really good  effects. We have a couple of skits on the 'to do' list which will be using a fireball/meteor landing and a quick change effect so interesting to see your version

  • thanks :)

    yeah I enjoyed my version of the quick change, for one I got to throw things at the kids lol.... when Zach King does it he pulls off or puts on the different item, but he speeds up the clip at the moment and I think it looks dodgy lol...I also tried to add humour with the my son at the end, the scary quick change, I added effects such as the star wars gun shot, and the showing of his strength at the end....

    the fireball I did, I added the bird in the bottom right hand corner to add to the effect of the landing or fireball, him flying away etc... not sure it worked but I tried lol

  • @Bry_man

    Whahaha that was fantastic. Great job. I assume it was done with a clean plate and a lot of masking?

  • ahh thanks, and yes a heck of a lot of masking, front and back of him and tried not loose the spray which was hard....

    thanks for watching and nice comment

  • Wow good job, do you have hitfilm 2017 pro?

  • thanks, and no not yet, express is current weapon of choice lol... I have trip to the USA coming up so my money going on that right now....

  • edited September 2017

    I'm sorry to bring this thread up again, but I gotta say how proud of myself I am with this, its been up for a month, and its growing views everyday, over 800 now... considering I only normally around 200 views this is truly amazing, my kids ask everyday how much its gone up.....

    I know most of you get thousands, but this is my 1st big'n' lol I just had to say something, odd though that the subscribers only went up 1 lol, so now I have 51 lmao

    if anyone on here has watched it or  better yet subscribed, I thankyou from me and the kids

  • I think something happens at certain view-count levels which gives the video a 'boost' .  I think the first one is at 1000 views. Perhaps YT puts them higher in a 'suggested video' list? 'Likes' seem to influence it as well.

    Don't quote me on any of that but if it's right then your kids have that to look forward to 

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