HF 2017 Express: Where does the default output name for exports come from?

So when I do a basic edit of a video (add it to my media list, clip it in the Trimmer, then drag it to the editor timeline), the name always shows up as "Editor.mp4" by default in the export queue. The "Name" column also shows "project/Editor". I think "project" here is the name of my project file (project.hfp), but not sure where "Editor" comes from.

What controls this name? I'm able to rename my output directly by editing it after I click Export Content, but I'd like the name to be ready before I export it if possible.

Thanks in advance.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The Editor Timeline will be naned "Editor" by default on export because, well, it's the Editor Timeline. 

    Setting up a custom file name before export is problematic, but I think a default file name of ">project< Editor" would be a bit more useful. 

  • Well that seems useless to me, to have "Editor" in the name. I think you're close, but the default name of the exported file should be the name of the project file itself. So if my project file is project.hfp, then the default export name should be project.mp4.

    I think this is much simpler and allows me to control the name of the exports more directly. For my specific usage of Hitfilm, my export filenames always match my project filenames. So this is 2 birds 1 stone for me.

  • @voidpointer open up Hitfilm, drag in a clip, trim it and export the result. You did not create a project, so where's the <project> name going to come from? Insisting on naming and saving a project before export would be very annoying. It's fine as it is. Name the output as you would the project and job's done.

  • In HF4 you can export "Editor". It´s ok. It´s from the actual project.

    In HF2017 you can send "Editor" to export queue and now continue editing and open another project and export again and again and start the export queue later.
    I think what Triem23 said ">project<_Editor" is useful.
    Or you have Editor.mp4, Editor(2).mp4 ...

  • If you don't name your project and export a quick test clip - which you can totally do - there will be no >Project< name, so you're back where you started. It should probably create a Project folder, if there is one and export outside that if there isn't.

    I think it creating a "HitFilm Express 2017 Exports" folder on my desktop is a bit awkward. Changed that immediately. "My Documents/Hitfilm"  and "My Documents/Hitfilm/Project/ etc. " if I'd actually named the project would have been fine. :)

  • Many other applications default to "untitled" if a project isn't named/saved, so perhaps "untitled_Editor" would work for those situations.

    That said, I think that @voidpointer has a point re: the default inclusion of Editor in the filename. I can't think of a situation when I would want to know that an exported file or image sequence came from the editor vs a comp.  All I care about is the content.

    Perhaps there could be an option to select the default output name in both cases.  So maybe the editor timeline still defaults to "Editor" for all new projects, but you can tell HitFilm to match the project name or pick something custom.  For comps there would be a similar option: default to the comp name, or choose a custom name.  In both cases, whatever choice(s) you set will be used for all subsequent exports, and will be saved with the project (assuming it's saved).  If not saved, it'll at least last until a new project is created.

  • Getting the preset name in the exported file name would help to identify them.

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